The specific responsibilities and contact details of each Councillor are:

ECPC P1 100Bridget Sugg
Chairman, Pavilion, Village Ranger, Highways,
Planning, Youth Provision, Pre School,
Neighbourhood Plan (Working Group), Alms Houses,
Landscaping/ Ground Works,

07907 621106 / 01935 863435 (Monday – Friday – no calls after 6pm)

ECPC P12 murray webMurray William Shepstone
Vice Chair, Cemetery & Chapel, Planning,
Youth Provision, Scout Hut, Landscaping/Ground Works

01935 864121 (Monday – Friday – no calls after 6pm)

Judith Heggarty
Clerk / Proper Officer / Data Controller / Financial Officer

01935 863778 (Monday – Friday – no calls after 6pm)

(The Clerk works a small amount of hours and will return your call/answer your query as soon as she is able.)

Mike Beckerleg

Village Hall Representative / Planning

07813 963981 (Monday – Friday – no calls after 6pm)


Justin (Binny) Vincent Bennett
Keyford Working Group, Tree Warden, Planning

07855 775727 (Monday – Friday – no calls after 6pm)

Phillip Chant
Highways, Rights of Way/Footpaths

07846 065628 (Monday – Friday – no calls after 6pm)

 Paula Hodge
Pavilion Sports Grounds,
Youth Provision, End of Year Accounts Overview,
Scout Hut, Planning, Neighbourhood Plan (Working Group)
07825 620042 / 01935 862927 (Monday – Friday – no calls after 6pm

Huxley Cowen


07802 618088

Richard Comstive

Planning, Tree Warden, Southern Footpaths, School Representative


Tania wilkins

Southern Footpaths,


David Mead
Pavilion Playing Fields, Highways, Planning
07850 428335 / 01935 862408 (Monday – Friday – no calls after 6pm)

Sandra Snelling
Neighbourhood Plan (Working Group), Planning


Cllr Laura Mills

01935 864497

(Wellbeing and Tourism)

Cllr Simon Bridgford-Whittick


(Planning and Christmas)